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(900 Hour) Stew Crew Member- ArchaeoCorps AmeriCorps Service Position (2 Positions Available)

Explore the Past to Preserve the Future!

The Archaeological Research Institute’s mission is to educate current and future generations about past cultures through the investigation, identification and preservation of native and non-native sites. We accomplish our mission by offering carefully curated and learning-outcome-focused educational programming, hands-on archaeological experiences, tours of local and regional archaeological sites, day camps, lectures, and workshops.  

As an ArchaeoCorps Service Member in the AmeriCorps program at the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI), your purpose is to actively contribute to the organization’s mission through responsible, ethical, and methodical archaeological research and public education. Your responsibilities will involve assisting in archaeological research both in the field and lab, educating the public about archaeology, land stewardship, and the significance of preservation, as well as managing various aspects of the organization’s operations. You will serve closely with interns, students, volunteers, and visitors in public archaeology programs, ensuring their understanding and active involvement. All service member positions will encompass a combination of public interpretation, fieldwork, and lab work, with a primary emphasis on engaging the public in archaeology and environmental stewardship. 

Position Description:

Stew Crew members provide support to the Land Stewardship Coordinator and are responsible for managing, monitoring, making accessible, and protecting the lands owned, leased, and operated by the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI). They ensure that the community and the public can access, learn from, and enjoy these lands. Stew Crew serves closely with ARI staff, volunteers, and subcontractors to maintain the properties, implement conservation strategies, and engage in public education and community outreach. 

Reports to:

  • Executive Director (ED)
  • Director of Programming (DP)
  • ARI Land Stewardship Committee
  • Land Stewardship Coordinator

Works with:

  • ARI Staff
  • ArchaeoCorps Members
  • Certified Volunteers
  • Oxbow Staff
  • Oxbow Volunteers
  • Stew Crew Member


  • AmeriCorps NCCC
  • ARI Volunteers
  • Oxbow Volunteers
  • Subcontractors


Assists the Land Stewardship Coordinator with the following tasks and objectives:

  • Land & Trails:
    • Install and maintain signs, kiosks, and other structures.
    • Create and maintain trails.
    • Conduct invasive plant control or removal.
    • Perform trash and debris cleanup.
    • Install and maintain nest boxes and bat boxes.
    • Assist with special projects as needed.
    • Ensure parking lots are tidy and well-maintained.
    • Manage entrance signage.
    • Water plants in front of the office, experimental gardens, barrels, community garden, and raised beds.
    • Conduct invasive species removal.
    • Ensure Site Accessibility
  • Woodworking:
    • Construct trail-related structures following ARI and Oxbow plans and specifications.
    • Build viewing platforms.
    • Assemble and install trail-related structures onsite as part of a volunteer work crew.
    • Repair and maintain existing trail-related structures.
    • Lead construction teams or design new structures as opportunities arise.
  • Property Monitoring:
    • Establish baseline criteria for monitoring.
    • Conduct weekly visits to observe conserved land and monitor stewardship efforts.
    • Document property conditions and report any concerns, such as encroachment, dumping/littering, vandalism, and non-native invasive plant species.
    • Fill out and submit property monitoring reports, including photos, for each visit.
    • Observe and report wildlife and plant community observations.
  • Animal & Bird Monitoring:
    • Monitor bird boxes weekly to determine usage by bird species.
    • Monitor active American Kestrel pairs for approximately 1 hour per week during the breeding season.
    • Report observations using the online form.
    • Conduct bioblitz events and bird monitoring programs.
  • Land Stewardship & Management Operations – Development of Monitoring Programs & Protocols: 
    • Establish baseline criteria for monitoring. 
    • Develop detailed monitoring protocols and online reporting forms. 
    • Create maps of box locations. 
  • Archaeological Site Preservation Monitoring & Research:
    • Establish baseline criteria for monitoring in collaboration with the Archaeological team. 
    • Monitor and identify archaeological sites at risk. 
    • Determine appropriate preservation methods, such as structural stabilization, reconstruction, reburial, protective shelters, or fabric-based conservation methods. 
    • Develop and implement a preservation plan. 
  • Volunteer Management:
    • Organize ARI volunteer events.
    • Manage NCCC AmeriCorps team members.
    • Coordinate subcontractors and work.
    • Assist with the management of ARI events located at the GAP.
  • Climate Mitigation & Adaptation Research & Planning:
    • Research the past environment and compare it to the present to develop mitigation and adaptation programs for future climate change.
  • Public Education and Community Outreach Opportunities & Programming:
    • Create and run public workshops related to land stewardship.
    • Develop educational materials on invasive species, flora and fauna identification, etc., for volunteers and the public.
    • Organize and run bio-blitz events to monitor land stewardship efforts
  • Marketing & Digital Education
    • Assist with digital education content creation and idea generation.
    • Capture photos/videos of all events and experiences
    • Contribute at least 2 articles to the quarterly Field Notes publication regarding research and programs at ARI 

What are the Requirements?

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Be able to:
    • occasionally lift and/or move up to 30lbs
    • work in adverse weather conditions
    • walk briskly and over uneven terrain
    • stoop, kneel, reach, crouch, or crawl to perform essential job duties
    • sit or stand for a prolonged period
  • Pass a federal background check
  • Comply with uniform policies 
  • Ability to communicate professionally verbally and in writing 
  • Must be comfortable with engaging the public  

*Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform their essential duties

Timeframe of Position:

September 2024 – August 2025 (12 Months)

AmeriCorps Service Contract

  • Serve 900 hours within your contract period
  • Complete 12%-20% of training hours within your contracted hours


  • Living Stipend $14,400.00 (monthly installment payments paid twice per month)
  • Education Award: $3,697.50 (Granted upon completion of your contract)


  • Schedule varies by season and bookings
  • General Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9am to 5pm
  • Mandatory Public Days: Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays 9am to 5pm
  • Evenings and special event dates as scheduled

If you have any questions, please reach out to the AmeriCorps Program Manager at 

Please note that the selection committee for ARI is committed to providing equal opportunity for all applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, HIV status, nation origin, veteran status, disability, creed, age, gender identity or expression, or other protected by law.

PLEASE NOTE: Service Positions are always contingent on AmeriCorps grant funding.


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