ARI Policies and Procedures

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Human Remains Statement

The excavation of human remains is not one of the research goals of the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) and is avoided at all costs. We believe that human burials are sacred, must be respected, and should not be disturbed as a matter of course during our archaeological research. Each excavation project will include a human remains treatment plan as part of the research protocol. This plan will be tailored to accommodate the wishes of tribal consulting partners and to address the specifics of each project.

Anti-Racism Statement

Though ARI is a young organization, we believe that racism is a multifaceted problem and although it can be unintended or unconscious, that does not mean that it is not present. ARI wishes to avoid this unintentional inequity by developing our methods, practices and strategies to immediately challenge and educate on any issues that arise. At ARI, we purposefully challenge ourselves to understand, discuss and ultimately correct any inequities we discover. Racism is a dehumanizing practice to all that it touches, one we condemn in our organization and community.

Inclusivity Statement

Here at ARI all are welcome to learn and be involved in archaeology and we strive toward this effort with all employees, visitors, initiatives and goals. At ARI All people from all backgrounds, ages, genders, religions, identities and professions are welcome to come join us at ARI in our journey to a brighter more informed future.