Americorps Volunteers

To apply for one of the compensated Americorps Volunteer positions, please click on the position below, then download the application form and submit to Be sure to indicate which position you are applying to in the email. 

Junior Program Assistant

Assist ARI staff and program coordinator with junior program materials, developing educational goals and working within a budget. Assisting with running educational programs for the public. Occasionally assisting with archaeological research in the lab and the field. 

Digital Marketing Assistant

Assists and supports executive director and director of resource development and marketing with planning, executing, and tracking marketing programs, and with the development of innovative marketing strategies and methods of tracking evaluation criteria and data. Their responsibilities may include analyzing data to monitor campaigns and programs, then evaluate results, creating and managing the production of…

Day Camp Leader & Junior Education

Organizing junior groups (ages 5-14) and instructing campers (ages 8-18). Working with other counselors to plan various activities. Assisting with a range of administrative duties. Encouraging and inspiring campers. Assisting with conflict resolution. Working with counselors and campers to organize social events. Ensuring campers learn in a safe, fun, and stimulating environment. Setting a good example…

Google Ads & SEO Assistant

Assist Director of Marketing with developing and implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, coordinating content, design, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and other activities, and managing offsite and onsite optimization projects and reporting on performance.

Archaeological Site Host & Tour Guide

Lead visitors on tours of the Guard Archaeological Site and preserve. Assist in the setup of the site for visitors, sell merchandise and collect donations. Have a general understanding and background of local archaeology, history and the organization. Will have an opportunity to develop the tour, learn about local flora and fauna and assist in species…

Accessible Trails & Program Development Assistant

Assist in the development of programs and trails that are accessible to all people. Research and develop programs that will enable people from all over the world with all kinds of abilities and disabilities to access our educational programming and experiences.

Lab Assistant Manager

Assist the lab manager with the management and operations of the lab. Developing educational programs and materials involving lab work, creating comparative collections, and prepping the lab for hands-on experiences and tours. 

Native Cultivates Garden & Land Management Assistant

Assist the paleobotanist with the native cultivates garden at the Guard site and the community garden plot. Assist with the land management of the Guard Archaeological site (weeding, spot spraying, and species monitoring) Educating the public about the items growing in the garden and developing educational materials for the public as necessary. Occasionally assisting with…

Public Outreach Assistant

An outreach assistant provides administrative, operational, and logistical support to the leadership team. They plan, implement, coordinate, and monitor initiatives that promote the organization and its services to the community. Responsibilities typically include: acting as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence and phone calls managing diaries and organizing meetings and appointments, often controlling…

Operations Assistant

An Operations assistant is responsible for identifying and solving issues relating to the performance of the nonprofit operations. To do so, vast amounts of data and information must be analyzed and reviewed with the cooperation of the leadership team. Candidates that do well in this position possess strong attention to detail along with business acumen…

Paleobotany Assistant

Assist with FLOT and sorting heavy & light fraction from flot samples. Educating the public about the FLOT system and developing educational materials for the public, as necessary. Occasionally assisting with archaeological research in the lab and the field.