The ARI ArchaeoCorps program provides individuals with the unique opportunity to gain valuable experience through engaging service work. ArchaeoCorps members can contribute to important archaeological research, public educational programming, land stewardship projects and raise awareness around the importance of archaeology, cultural and natural resource preservation, and environmental stewardship within the communities they serve. Members receive a living stipend and an education award for their service. Members gain valuable experience leading projects, working with the public and much more!

To apply for a position, please follow these steps:

  1. Review available positions below. Consider which role aligns with your skills, qualifications, and educational and career goals.
  2. Prepare & submit your application online.
  3. Interview selection: If your application stands out and you meet the initial criteria, you may be selected for an interview. ARI will reach out to you through email or phone to schedule a suitable time for the interview.

(675 Hour) Stew Crew Member- ArchaeoCorps Service Position

Stew Crew members provide support to the Land Stewardship Manager and is responsible for managing, monitoring, making accessible, and protecting the lands owned, leased, and operated by the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI). They ensure that the community and the public can access, learn from, and enjoy these lands. The manager works closely with ARI staff,…

(900 Hour) Outreach and Operations Assistant - ArchaeoCorps Service Position

The Outreach and Operations Assistant assists the Outreach and Operations Manager with managing, attending, and staffing all ARI outreach, custom, and special events such as Farmer's Markets and Happy Hour History Events. They also oversee the setup of the GAP on public days and for special events. The manager acts as a public relations specialist,…

(900 Hour) Events Manager- ArchaeoCorps Service Position

The Events Manager is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing (the day of) all ARI events. They assist with the set up, tear down of events and measure the impact through collected metrics. They work closely with the Marketing team to market events using a multi-channel approach and assist the Director of Development and Marketing…

(900 Hour) Educational Program Assistant - ArchaeoCorps Service Position

The Educational Program Assistant is responsible for managing ARI educational programs at the learning center and the Guard Archaeological Preserve (GAP). They assist with the coordination of activities and experiences, ensuring that there is sufficient equipment, staff, and materials to provide visitors with a high-quality educational experience. The assistant supports the Educational Program Manager and…

More ArchaeoCorps Opportunities Coming Soon!