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ARI conducts and assists other institutions in RESEARCH.

We believe sharing our findings not just with institutions but the public is the best way to help achieve our vision. We want to understand who, what, when and why these cultures were here. We want to develop supportable theories of the past. We conduct RESEARCH through studying artifacts, our interpretations of our findings in the field and our internship program. Understanding the past can help understand the present, as well as guide the future. We invite the public to come and conduct their own RESEARCH at ARI, to use our comparative collections to identify archaeological finds, record personal finds, or known locations of archaeological sites. We also invite you to access our reading materials from our library collection, and discuss and RESEARCH theories with our team of archaeologists. 

Fund our research

Your generous donation is used to support anthropological research questions throughout the year. It pays for our research equipment, research team salaries & benefits, scientific materials, latest technologies, artifact dating, continued education and training, consulting, lab equipment, and more.

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