Guard Archaeological Preserve Grand Opening for Public Field Season is June 1st, 2024

Adult Field Experiences

Event Description:

During your adult archaeological field work experience at the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI), you will embark on a fully guided and hands-on journey into the world of archaeology. The experience begins at the ARI Base Camp located in Lawrenceburg, IN, where you will be introduced to the field of archaeology itself. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about ARI as an organization, as well as gain insights into their ongoing research questions and goals.

The adult archaeological field experience is open to individuals aged 12 and above, ensuring an engaging and educational experience for participants of various ages and backgrounds.

From the ARI Base Camp, you will proceed to the Guard Archaeological Preserve (GAP), which is home to the Fort Ancient Village site known as the Guard site. At the GAP, you will delve deeper into the local archaeological context, developing an understanding of how ARI’s research aligns with the land and environment surrounding you. Furthermore, you will learn about the specific time period and people being studied, enabling you to connect with the rich history of the area.

Each day of the field experience at ARI is characterized by dynamic and ever-changing archaeological operations. You may find yourself engaged in a variety of activities, including surveying, site mapping, excavation, screening, artifact analysis, and other research endeavors. This immersive approach allows you to actively participate in the exploration of the past while contributing to the preservation of the future.

Overall, the adult archaeological field experience at ARI provides a unique opportunity to gain practical insights into the world of archaeology, learn about ongoing research, and actively contribute to the preservation and understanding of our collective heritage.

How To Prepare:

Wear hiking clothes that can get dirty. Bring plenty of water & snacks. Sunscreen, hats, bug spray, sturdy shoes, or hiking boots are recommended.

*if you have accessibility issues please call prior to your experience so we can accommodate you*




Wednesdays & Saturdays 10am or 2pm


ARI Base Camp 126 W High Street Lawrenceburg IN 47025

Age Requirement:


Activity Level:

Active (kneeling, standing for long periods of time, etc.)


2-3 Hours
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