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Here’s what they’re saying about the Archaeological Research Institute

Archaeological Research Institute Offers Tours, Educational Opportunities & More

Southeast Indiana is full of diverse and interesting archaeological sites, and now there’s an organization working to preserve that rich history.

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Archaeology Site in Lawrenceburg - Who Knew?

When I think of archaeologists, those who study human history through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts, I think of Indiana Jones or far off exotic places. I don’t tend to think of a hotbed of archaeology existing right here in southeast Indiana and the surrounding tri-state area…

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Digging into Dearborn County

Liz Sedler is a person who doesn’t mind getting a little dirt on her boots in the pursuit of her passion. Two years ago, the Bright native opened the non-profit Archaeological Research Institute to provide the public an opportunity to experience the numerous reasons she digs archaeology.

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Joy ride tears up dig site

It is something that has happened before. But an Indiana Conservation officer happened to see two teens doing doughnuts at an archaeological site and arrested the pair. The teens were tearing up the site near Hollywood Casino that was being worked on by Liz Sedler and the Archaeological Research Institute, based in Lawrenceburg.

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