Meet our Board of Directors and Staff Members

Leadership Team

Elizabeth Sedler

Executive Director

Rachel Sharkey

Director of Public Archaeology

Louis Herzner

Archaeology Coordinator

Nichelle Lyle

Director of Development

Samy Norris

Director of Programming

ARI Staff

Lizz Comer
Development & Marketing Assistant

Molly Cowan
Office Manager & Volunteer Coordinator 

Caitlin Dick
Public Archaeologist 

Jonah Lewis
Public Archaeologist 

Chriss Fullenkamp
Public Archaeologist 

Chris Keil
Public Archaeologist 

Jake McCue
Experimental Archaeologist 

Brennan McCoy
Experimental Archaeologist  

Adam Ullrich
Grants Assistant

ARI Board of Directors

Mike Sedler

Founding Member

Greg Altenau

Board Member

Bob Ewbank

Board Member

Connie Sedler

Board President

Donna Hartman

Board Member

Aaron Comstock

Board Member

David Meyer

Board Member

Bob Genheimer

Board Member

Casey Knigga

Board Member


The Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) recognizes that the land we study and steward is the homeland of many peoples. We acknowledge the myaamia (Miami), Shawanwa (Shawnee), Peewaalia (Peoria), Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) and the multitude of nations who call this their homelands.  

ARI recognizes the violence inflicted upon the indigenous Nations of the Ohio Valley, including their forced removal following treaties such as Fort Finney and Greenville. ARI condemns the intentional destruction of their languages and cultures. ARI condemns the continuous discrimination against the living Native peoples throughout the United States.  

ARI recognizes that these peoples are not of the past, but are vibrant living nations. ARI recognizes that Native Americans are a diverse, resilient people with a deep enduring history worth knowing.  In that light ARI extends our respect to all Native peoples both past and present.  

meehkweelimankwiki nakaaniaki neehi alikaanaki mihši-pyaawaahsiikwi