Guard Archaeological Preserve Grand Opening for Public Field Season is June 1st, 2024


Leadership Team

Elizabeth Sedler
Executive Director

Rachel Sharkey
Director of Public Archaeology

Samy Norris
Director of Programming

Louis Herzner
Archaeology Coordinator

ARI Board of Directors

Mike Sedler
Founding Member

Greg Altenau
Board Member

Bob Ewbank
Board Member

Connie Sedler
Board Member

Donna Hartman
Board Member

Aaron Comstock
Board Member

Patrick Trader
Board Member

Bob Genheimer
Board Member

Casey Knigga
Board Member

Connie Deardorff
Board President

ARI Staff

Lizz Comer
Engagement & Development Manager

Molly Cowan
Office Manager & Community Engagement Specialist

ArchaeoCorps Members

Tessa Wilk
Public Archaeologist-Field Manager

Emily Ingram
Public Archaeologist-Lab Manager

Betsy Dulle
Public Archaeologist-Programming Manager

Forrest Schmitt
Public Archaeologist-Experimental Manager

Jake McCue
Experimental Assistant

Chriss Fullenkamp
Public Archaeologist-Outreach &  Operations Manager

Hannah Zoz
Land Stewardship Manager

Blake Hon
Land Stewardship Assistant

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