Designated Funds

Archaeological Site Preservation Fund

Contribute toward the purchase and preservation of at risk or relevant regional archaeological sites to preserve the history of the Native American people who lived in the Greater Cincinnati area before us.

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ARI Research FUnd

Your generous donation is used to support anthropological research questions throughout the year. It pays for our research equipment, research team salaries & benefits, scientific materials, latest technologies, artifact dating, continued education and training, consulting, lab equipment,  and more. 

ARI Internship Fund

Internships are a vital part of educating future archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists, historians, researchers, non-profit organizers. Help us provide educational opportunities for students with priority given to Native American students who are studying Anthropology, Archaeology, or Non-profit Management.


(Veteran Archaeological Learning Opportunities & Research Program)

ARI recognizes the skills Veterans gain through service & see an opportunity for this to translate to a career in archaeology. The VALOR program provides support to Veterans to develop a path for their future and allows them to explore the past.

ARI Expansion Fund

Your generous donation will contribute toward our ambitious goal of $1,000,000 for the development of our teaching lab, curation facility, and learning center that will include an Augmented and Virtual Reality experience area.

Tours and Trails Fund

Help ARI maintain our tours & trails and improve on our educational experiences with a sponsorship of a trail! The sponsorship will cover the development of new tour content, trail maintenance, landscaping, community events, and more!

ARI Newsletter: Field Notes

Help support our newsletter! We want to bring the ARI news to you! Learn about what we are doing, how you can support our mission and how we are educating the public about local archaeology, land stewardship, descendant communities and the importance of preservation! To offer comprehensive content, creative design and high-quality printing, we need support!

Exhibits & Programs Development Fund

At ARI we strive to educate the public and future stewards using educational programming and tools such as certifications, trainings, homeschool and educator lesson plans and activities, workshops, educational materials, lectures, posters, classroom & teaching resources, professional development for our employees, demonstrations and more. Help us teach the importance of archaeology, land stewardship and descendant community cultures.

Virtual Reality Experience

The funds collected will help us to build out virtual experiences that we can send to classrooms all over the world that will allow the past to come to life! Contact us for a demo or specific sponsorship opportunities.

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Guard Archaeological Preserve

The Guard Archaeological Preserve is several projects working together to not only preserve the Guard Archaeological Site, but also the restoring the lands around the site. This fund supports the ongoing planning, management and public education that goes into the creation of the ARI Native Cultivars Garden, Butterfly habitat, restoring the ecosystem, invasive species removal and more!

Native American Scholarship Fund

The Native American Scholarship fund is one way that ARI is supporting Native groups in the region. These funds will support Native American individuals interested in pursuing education and training in archaeology, anthropology, public interpretation, history, curation, or museum studies.

Archaeology for All!

In 2022, ARI focused on our initiative to make archaeology accessible to all! Thanks to your support, together we are making it happen!

Donor Policy

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The Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) recognizes that the land we study and steward is the homeland of many peoples. We acknowledge the myaamia (Miami), Shawanwa (Shawnee), Peewaalia (Peoria), Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) and the multitude of nations who call this their homelands.  

ARI recognizes the violence inflicted upon the indigenous Nations of the Ohio Valley, including their forced removal following treaties such as Fort Finney and Greenville. ARI condemns the intentional destruction of their languages and cultures. ARI condemns the continuous discrimination against the living Native peoples throughout the United States.  

ARI recognizes that these peoples are not of the past, but are vibrant living nations. ARI recognizes that Native Americans are a diverse, resilient people with a deep enduring history worth knowing.  In that light ARI extends our respect to all Native peoples both past and present.  

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