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Designated Funds

Archaeological Site Preservation Fund

Support the acquisition and conservation of endangered or culturally significant archaeological sites in the region, safeguarding the local history and narrating the lives of past inhabitants in this area.

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ARI Research FUnd

Generous donations we receive toward our research fund plays a vital role in supporting a wide range of archaeological research endeavors throughout the region.

ARI Internship Fund

Internships play a crucial role in the education and development of aspiring archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists, historians, researchers, and non-profit organizers. Join us in supporting the provision of valuable educational experiences for students, with a special emphasis on Native American students pursuing studies in Anthropology, Archaeology, or Non-profit Management.


(Veteran Archaeological Learning Opportunities & Research Program)

The VALOR program acknowledges the valuable skills that Veterans acquire during their service and identifies a promising avenue for these skills to transition into a career in archaeology. By offering support to Veterans, VALOR facilitates the development of a clear path for their future while granting them the opportunity to delve into the study of the past.

ARI Expansion Fund

By making a generous donation, you will play a crucial role in helping us achieve our ambitious target of $5,000,000. This funding will be dedicated to the development of ARI Basecamp 2.0, an innovative facility featuring a public teaching lab, curation facility, and a state-of-the-art learning center. Within this center, visitors will have the opportunity to explore an immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality experience area. Your contribution will greatly contribute to the realization of this exciting project.

Tours and Trails Fund

Support ARI in preserving and enhancing our tours and trails by sponsoring a trail! By sponsoring a trail, you will contribute towards the creation of captivating tour content, trail upkeep, beautification efforts, community events, and numerous other improvements to our educational experiences.

ARI Newsletter: Field Notes

Support our newsletter and join us in bringing you the latest ARI news! Discover our initiatives, learn how you can contribute to our mission, and explore our efforts to educate the public on local archaeology, land stewardship, descendant communities, and the significance of preservation. To deliver comprehensive content, captivating design, and top-notch printing, we rely on your support!

Exhibits & Programs Development Fund

At ARI, our mission is to educate the public and foster future stewards through a wide range of educational initiatives and resources. We offer certifications, trainings, homeschool and educator lesson plans, workshops, educational materials, lectures, posters, classroom and teaching resources, as well as professional development opportunities for our employees. By utilizing these tools, we aim to impart the significance of archaeology, land stewardship, and the preservation of descendant community cultures. Join us in our endeavor to promote knowledge and appreciation of these crucial aspects.

Virtual Reality Experience

By supporting our cause, your contributions will enable us to create immersive virtual experiences that can be shared with classrooms worldwide, bringing history to life like never before! Reach out to us for a demonstration or to explore customized sponsorship possibilities.

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Guard Archaeological Preserve

The Guard Archaeological Preserve comprises multiple collaborative initiatives aimed at preserving not only the Guard Archaeological Site itself but also the restoration of the surrounding lands. This initiative provides funding for ongoing efforts in planning, management, and public education, which are integral to the development of the ARI Native Cultivars Garden, Butterfly habitat, ecosystem restoration, invasive species removal, and other related endeavors.

Native American Scholarship Fund

ARI is committed to supporting Native groups in the region through the Native American Scholarship fund. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to Native American individuals who are passionate about pursuing education and training in fields such as archaeology, anthropology, public interpretation, history, curation, or museum studies. By offering these funds, ARI seeks to empower and uplift Native Americans in their educational pursuits and contribute to the preservation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage.

Archaeology for All!

The Archaeological Research Institute is dedicated to ensuring that archaeology is accessible to everyone! With your invaluable support, we are actively working towards making this vision a reality!

Donor Policy

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Ways to Give

Help us Grow

Imagine a future where history comes to life, where ancient civilizations are not merely pages in textbooks, but immersive experiences that transport us through time. At ARI, we are on a mission to create that future, and we need your generous support to make it a reality.

We are thrilled to announce our ambitious $5 million campaign to build ARI Basecamp 2.0, a groundbreaking facility, located in Lawrenceburg, IN,  that will revolutionize the field of public archaeology in the region. With your contribution, we will construct a state-of-the-art building that will serve as the epicenter of archaeological exploration, research, and community engagement.

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