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Field Trips

The Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) offers exciting field trip opportunities for students to experience the world of archaeology firsthand. These field trips aim to educate students about the field of archaeology and its significance in uncovering the past. ARI is dedicated to providing standards-driven experiences that align with curriculum objectives while also being engaging and enjoyable for students.

During the field trips, students will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and learn about archaeology in the region. The focus is on connecting students with the history and culture of the local community. By doing so, ARI aims to foster a sense of connection and appreciation for the past. 

The field trip experiences at ARI are tailored for specific age groups and are dependent on the season. This ensures that the content and activities are appropriate and engaging for the students. Whether it’s exploring archaeological sites, participating in artifact analysis, or learning about archaeological preservation techniques, ARI provides hands-on experiences that allow students to delve into the world of archaeology.

ARI understands that teachers have limited time and resources, which is why they aim to support educators in creating meaningful experiences for their students. By collaborating with ARI, teachers can enhance their curriculum and ignite their students’ natural curiosity through interactive and educational field trip opportunities.

Overall, ARI’s field trips provide an immersive and educational experience where students can step into the shoes of archaeologists and discover the mysteries of the past.

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