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Certified Sustainable Trails

Our River of Time Trails

provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of the Guard Site, a location with deep cultural and ecological significance. These trails, certified by the Indiana Wildlife Federation, offer a range of experiences that connect you to the stories of people spanning thousands of years.

The trails are designed to be accessible and suitable for easy hikes, featuring flat terrain and options for quarter-mile or half-mile walks. Along the way, you will encounter interpretive signage that guides you through the diverse narratives of the Guard Site. These signs offer valuable insights into the historical and ecological aspects of the area.

To enhance your experience, augmented reality has been integrated into the existing trails. This innovative feature allows you to delve deeper into the past and gain a virtual glimpse into what life was like at different points in history.

As you traverse the trails, you will encounter a variety of captivating sights. Patches of wildflowers and native prairie restorations dot the landscape, providing a vibrant display of natural beauty. 

Stewardship and sustainability are core principles guiding the development and maintenance of the River of Time Trails. Collaborating with the Natural Resources Conservation Service branch of the USDA, the trails incorporate high-quality conservation practices. By achieving the Indiana Wildlife Federation’s Gold Level Certification, the trails actively promote the growth of native species, create habitats for wildlife, preserve biodiversity, and establish an environmentally friendly corridor for both humans and animals.

The River of Time Trails are constantly evolving, ensuring that each visit offers a fresh perspective. In the coming years, you can expect the addition of accessible trails, new interpretive signs, the return of native species, further archaeological exploration, an outdoor experimental archaeology lab, and the expansion of longer trails. These enhancements will deepen your exploration of the Guard Site as a preserve and contribute to the long-term sustainability of this remarkable place.


We are excited to offer you the opportunity to become a trail sponsor at ARI, home to certified sustainable site trails that provide an engaging and educational experience to the public, completely free of charge. By supporting our trails through generous donations, you will help us continue to share this valuable resource with the community.

Over the past 3 years, ARI has welcomed over 5,000 visitors to walk our trails, doubling visitors to ARI each year. This growth provides an excellent platform for sponsors like you to gain visibility and recognition among a diverse audience of nature enthusiasts, history buffs, families, and outdoor adventurers.

As a trail sponsor, you will enjoy a range of benefits designed to showcase your support and enhance your brand image. These benefits include:

  1. Recognition on Trail Signs: Your logo and name will be prominently displayed on trail signs throughout our site. This ensures that every visitor sees your commitment to preserving nature and supporting outdoor experiences.

  2. Augmented Reality Start Page: Our trail experience includes an Augmented Reality (AR) component that enhances visitors’ interaction with the environment. As a sponsor, your logo and name will be featured on the start page of our AR experience, increasing your brand’s exposure and reach.

  3. Media Coverage: Your sponsorship will be recognized in various media outlets, including coverage during events such as Great Outdoor Weekends and National Trail Day. This exposure will help you gain positive publicity and further establish your brand as a champion of nature and outdoor recreation.

Becoming an official trail sponsor is accessible to businesses and individuals alike, with sponsorship options starting at just $500 through our Trails & Tours Fund. This entry-level sponsorship allows smaller organizations and individuals to contribute to our mission and receive the associated benefits.

If you prefer a more customized sponsorship package tailored to your specific needs and objectives, we invite you to contact . A team member from Explore ARI will be delighted to provide further information and work with you to create a sponsorship arrangement that aligns perfectly with your goals.

By becoming a trail sponsor at ARI, you will not only be investing in the preservation of our natural and cultural resources but also gaining valuable exposure and recognition within our growing community. Join us in promoting archaeological preservation, outdoor exploration, environmental education, and sustainable practices by supporting our trails.

We look forward to welcoming you as an official trail sponsor and embarking on this rewarding partnership together.

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