Guard Archaeological Preserve Grand Opening for Public Field Season is June 1st, 2024


AmeriCorps members help nonprofits achieve their missions which support strong communities and make way for vibrant cultural, scientific and philanthropic projects creating a positive feedback loop.

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is the federal agency for national service and volunteerism. AmeriCorps provides opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds to serve their country, address the nation’s most pressing challenges, improve lives and communities, and strengthen civic engagement.

What is ArchaeoCorps?

ArchaeoCorps is an AmeriCorps program led by The Archaeological Research Institute (ARI). The program allows members to help execute ARI’s mission of educating current and future generations about past cultures through the investigation, identification and preservation of native and non-native sites.

How to get involved

Host a Service Site

  • Lead Mission Minded Individuals
  • Get Closer to Achieving Your Mission
  • Administrative Member Support

Join ArchaeoCorps

  • Relevant Service Experience
  • A Love For Sharing Local History 
  • Education & Accessibility 

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