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Committed to making archaeology accessible to all.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, ARI has been able to improve accessibility and equability throughout our educational programs, student interactions, employment, public engagement, and volunteer opportunities.

Help us preserve our shared cultural heritage as a sponsor of history and community enrichment

Committed to our goals in 2023, ARI outlined a strategy to help focus and lead our organization. With a total of 18 strategic goals in 2023, we prioritized and strategized how we would accomplish our goals through innovation and community collaboration, and through leadership and team work. By 2025, we want everyone in a 25 mile radius to know we preserve archaeological sites, we are here for the public, and we are committed to collaborative environmental stewardship in the region.

Part of our 2023 strategy includes:
  • 13-22 mile market saturation plan
  • Securing and diversifying funding
  • Growing our membership
  • Increasing public accessibility to research and findings
  • Cultivating a culture of learning among similar organizations

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Imagine a future where history comes to life, where ancient civilizations are not merely pages in textbooks, but immersive experiences that transport us through time. At ARI, we are on a mission to create that future, and we need your generous support to make it a reality.

We are thrilled to announce our ambitious $5 million campaign to build ARI Basecamp 2.0, a groundbreaking facility, located in Lawrenceburg, IN,  that will revolutionize the field of public archaeology in the region. With your contribution, we will construct a state-of-the-art building that will serve as the epicenter of archaeological exploration, research, and community engagement.

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