Guard Archaeological Preserve Grand Opening for Public Field Season is June 1st, 2024

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Digging into Dearborn County

Liz Sedler is a person who doesn’t mind getting a little dirt on her boots in the pursuit of her passion. Two years ago, the Bright native opened the non-profit Archaeological Research Institute to provide the public an opportunity to experience the numerous reasons she digs archaeology.

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Potter’s Field Site Survey to Begin – Cincinnati Parks

The National Park Service has awarded $34,694 in funding through a History of Equal Rights (HER) Grant to the non-profit Price Hill Will. These funds will be used to contract the Archaeological Research Institute, Inc. (ARI), a nonprofit corporation based out of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, to conduct an archeological survey of the site.

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AmeriCorps at ARI

As many as 20,000 people are buried in an overgrown cemetery in West Price Hill known as Potter’s Field. The first steps to developing a management plan for the area began Wednesday, with ground …

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