Clubs and Camps

Have an interest in archaeology? Want to learn about the people that lived in our area and how our land has changed over the years? Have you ever wanted to throw a spear using an atlatl? Clubs and camps at ARI will give you an inside look at what archaeologists do and how archaeologists explore the people and cultures of the past. You can take an inside look at how people lived in our area in pre-historic times, learn about how to preserve these historic and natural sites and why they are worth protecting. 


The Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) recognizes that the land we study and steward is the homeland of many peoples. We acknowledge the myaamia (Miami), Shawanwa (Shawnee), Peewaalia (Peoria), Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) and the multitude of nations who call this their homelands.  

ARI recognizes the violence inflicted upon the indigenous Nations of the Ohio Valley, including their forced removal following treaties such as Fort Finney and Greenville. ARI condemns the intentional destruction of their languages and cultures. ARI condemns the continuous discrimination against the living Native peoples throughout the United States.  

ARI recognizes that these peoples are not of the past, but are vibrant living nations. ARI recognizes that Native Americans are a diverse, resilient people with a deep enduring history worth knowing.  In that light ARI extends our respect to all Native peoples both past and present.  

meehkweelimankwiki nakaaniaki neehi alikaanaki mihši-pyaawaahsiikwi