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The Archaeological Research Institute offers classroom talks aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of archaeology as a discipline and shedding light on the various aspects of pursuing a career in archaeology. Led by our Director of Programming or our team of Public Archaeologists, these talks cover a wide range of topics and provide valuable insights into the world of archaeology.

The talk begins with an introduction to archaeology as a field of study, highlighting its significance in understanding culture and the role it plays in reconstructing human history. The speakers discuss the fundamental principles and methodologies employed by archaeologists to uncover and interpret archaeological sites and artifacts.

One of the key focuses of the talk is providing students with information about the education requirements to become an archaeologist. The talk also explores the diverse career options within the field of archaeology. The speakers highlight the various roles that archaeologists can take on, including academic researchers, museum curators, cultural resource managers, government archaeologists, and consultants for archaeological firms. 

Additionally, the speakers delve into the realities of working as an archaeologist. They shed light on the challenges and rewards of archaeological fieldwork, discussing topics such as excavation techniques, site preservation, artifact analysis, and the interdisciplinary nature of archaeological research. They share anecdotes and stories from their own experiences to provide a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an archaeologist both during and outside of the field season.

Throughout the talk, the speakers also provide information about ongoing research projects conducted by the Archaeological Research Institute. They discuss the research questions being addressed, the methods employed, and the potential discoveries made through these projects.

For classrooms unable to host physical visits, the Archaeological Research Institute offers the option of a virtual experience. This allows students to engage with the talk remotely by providing a virtual link for the live presentation.

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Classroom Talks
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