Lab & Learning Center Trip

Event Description:

Welcome to the Archaeological Research Institute! Our field trip aims to provide students with a hands-on experience in the laboratory, where they will uncover the fascinating stories behind ancient artifacts. Here’s a description of the activities they will engage in during their visit:

  1. Introduction to Archaeology: At the beginning of the field trip, students will receive an introduction to the field of archaeology. They will learn about the methods and techniques archaeologists use to uncover and interpret the past. This will include an overview of excavation, artifact analysis, and the importance of studying artifacts in the lab.
  2. Archaeology in Your Backyard: Next, students will have the opportunity to explore the concept of archaeology in their local area. They will discover how archaeological sites are identified, excavated, and studied. This portion of the field trip aims to highlight the relevance of archaeology in understanding the history and heritage of their own community.
  3. Artifact Analysis: In the lab, students will work alongside trained archaeologists to analyze artifacts that were collected during previous summer excavations. They will learn proper techniques for cleaning, sorting, and documenting artifacts. This hands-on experience will enable them to understand the importance of meticulous analysis and observation in archaeological research.
  4. Scientific Inferences: As students clean and sort the artifacts, they will also be encouraged to make scientific inferences based on their observations. They will develop critical thinking skills by examining the material, shape, and context of the artifacts. By drawing conclusions, they will begin to unravel the stories and functions behind these ancient objects.
  5. Experimental Archaeology: To further deepen their understanding, students will participate in experimental archaeology. Specifically, they will engage in the process of refitting historical pottery pieces. By assembling broken fragments and reconstructing vessels, they will gain insight into pottery production techniques, decoration styles, and potential uses of the pottery in the past.

Throughout the field trip, experienced archaeologists and instructors will be available to guide and assist the students. They will provide explanations, answer questions, and facilitate discussions, encouraging the students to actively engage with the artifacts and develop a sense of curiosity about the past.

By the end of the field trip, students will have gained practical experience in artifact analysis and will have a better understanding of how archaeological research contributes to our knowledge of ancient civilizations. They will also appreciate the importance of careful observation, scientific inference, and experimental approaches in the field of archaeology.

How To Prepare:

All necessary equipment will be provided for the field trips, but please wear attire that you don’t mind getting dirty, as we will be engaging in activities that can cause clothes to get dirty or stained. It is also appreciated if you wear closed-toed shoes and long pants, as the some activities take place outdoors or in a laboratory environment.

Attention, teachers! Don’t forget to inquire about our field trip grants and determine the eligibility of your students/school for potential benefits!

Thanks to the generous support of the United Way of Southeast Indiana and the Home City Ice Family Foundation, ARI Field trip grants are now available. These grants specifically cater to the transportation needs and lunch expenses of students residing in Southeast Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Ohio. By utilizing these funds, ARI is able to offer field trip experiences on a donation basis, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning about the historical cultures of our region. We extend our gratitude to the United Way and the Home City Ice Family Foundation for making this possible!


Special thanks to the United Way for their generous donation, providing the funds necessary to offer this experience free of charge.


Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm


ARI Base Camp 424 Walnut Street Lawrenceburg, IN

Age Requirement:

Students ages 5-19

Activity Level:

Easy – standing and walking on fairly level ground


1-3 Hours