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Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving and Matching programs offer businesses an opportunity to support the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) and its mission to preserve archaeological sites and cultural heritage. These programs enable employees to make regular charitable contributions directly from their paychecks, demonstrating their commitment to ARI’s cause.

Through Workplace Giving, employees can allocate a portion of their salary to support ARI’s efforts. This convenient and structured approach allows individuals to make a meaningful impact on archaeological preservation without straining their personal finances. By participating in Workplace Giving, employees can contribute to ARI on a consistent basis, providing a reliable source of funding for the organization’s initiatives.

Matching options further enhance the impact of workplace giving. Many businesses have a Matching Gift program in place, where they pledge to match the donations made by their employees, effectively doubling or even tripling the impact of each contribution. This encourages employees to give generously, knowing that their donations will be amplified by their employer’s matching commitment. Matching programs serve as a powerful incentive for employees to engage in philanthropy, fostering a culture of giving within the workplace. By supporting ARI through Workplace Giving and Matching programs, businesses align their corporate social responsibility goals with the preservation of archaeological sites and cultural heritage. These initiatives not only provide financial support to ARI but also create a sense of shared purpose among employees, promoting team building, and boosting employee morale. Overall, Workplace Giving and Matching options provide businesses with a practical and impactful way to contribute to ARI’s mission. By partnering with ARI, companies demonstrate their commitment to corporate citizenship while making a tangible difference in the preservation of our rich archaeological heritage for future generations.

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