Volunteer Opportunities

If you possess a strong passion for the work conducted by the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) and desire to devote your time to help us achieve our mission, we extend an invitation for you to explore our wide range of volunteer opportunities!

We wholeheartedly welcome volunteers from all walks of life, regardless of skill level, interests, background, age, or abilities. There are volunteer opportunities roles that suit everyone’s unique abilities and interests!

Certified Volunteers

In order to prioritize archaeological preservation and ensure the dissemination of accurate and current information to the public, certain volunteer activities now mandate an ARI certification. This certification equips volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to the cause.

Our mission is propelled forward with the assistance of ARI certified volunteers who play a crucial role in conducting research and educating the public. These volunteers undergo comprehensive educational training, akin to our interns and field students, enabling them to engage directly with the public and work autonomously alongside our staff archaeologists. At present, we provide certifications in laboratory work, field operations, and interpretation skills.

General Volunteers

Are you intrigued by the idea of volunteering with ARI but prefer not to pursue certification? Rest assured, we have options that cater to diverse interests. At ARI, volunteers form the core of our organization, providing invaluable assistance in various areas. Whether it's designing and tending to our experimental gardens, participating in outreach events, conducting lab analyses, engaging in research, or carrying out field work, there's a role for everyone.

At ARI, numerous volunteer opportunities are available that do not necessitate certification. You have the chance to contribute to ARI through various roles, including trail and site maintenance, lab work, research, fundraising, operations, newsletter writing, event assistance, grant writing, or becoming an advocate to promote our mission. We are more than happy to tailor a volunteer position specifically to your interests and skills.

Service Opportunities

At ARI, we understand that local schools, businesses, and rehabilitation programs often require individuals to fulfill community service hours. Why not dedicate your hours to us? We offer fully customizable service opportunities, and our team will collaborate with you to discover something that aligns with your interests while fulfilling your commitment.

Discover a wide array of excellent opportunities to fulfill your community service hours for your organization, accompanied by our dedicated assistance in documenting and reporting your progress. Regardless of age, we extend our services to all individuals seeking to contribute. We are committed to identifying projects that align with your interests and requirements. Begin your journey by reaching out to us today.

AmeriCorps Volunteers

ARI and AmeriCorps have joined forces to provide paid service opportunities. These positions encompass a wide range of responsibilities, time commitments, and compensations. As an AmeriCorps member, you will have the chance to acquire valuable skills and gain professional experience in various fields such as public archaeology, program development and management, resource development, marketing, or non-profit management. The specific skills learned will depend on the particular service position that piques your interest.