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ARI Endowments

Make a lasting impact on public archaeology...

Imagine leaving a lasting legacy that propels our mission forward, ensuring its continued success for years to come. You have the power to make a significant impact through our endowment funds, which provide a reliable source of annual income to support vital programs, exhibitions, education, operations, site preservation and more.

At ARI, we understand that nurturing and expanding our mission requires financial tools that go beyond day-to-day operations. That’s why we rely on three key financial pillars: the annual budget, capital campaigns, and endowment funds. While the budget takes care of immediate needs and capital campaigns allow us to undertake transformative projects, the endowment fund is what allows us to dream bigger and achieve extraordinary milestones.

By contributing to our endowment fund, you become part of a dedicated community of visionary donors who understand the power of long-term sustainability. These funds are earmarked for special mission-related work and specific areas of focus, such as groundbreaking initiatives that push the boundaries of archaeological research and public engagement. What sets the endowment fund apart is that only a portion of its growth is utilized each year, allowing the remainder to grow and compound over time.

Your generous gift, whether you choose to contribute to an existing fund or establish a new one, will have a profound impact on our ability to expand our mission and influence in the world. A contribution of $100,000 or more enables you to establish a new endowment fund, giving you the opportunity to designate a specific purpose, program, or initiative as its beneficiary, or simply support the overall work of the Archaeological Research Institute.

By supporting our endowment fund, you create a reliable and sustainable source of income that will help us weather challenges, seize opportunities, and innovate in our field. Your contribution ensures that future generations will benefit from our research, exhibitions, educational outreach, and all the essential work we do.

To explore how you can give above and beyond to our endowment fund or specify the endowment fund in your will or estate plan, we invite you to email or call 812-290-2966.

Join us in shaping the future of public archaeology. Together, we can make a lasting impact that extends far beyond the ordinary. Your support through our endowment fund will leave a legacy of knowledge, discovery, and cultural preservation for generations to come. Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our mission through endowment funds. CLICK HERE to review our Donor Policy.

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