Endowment FUnds

Nonprofits tend to operate with three kinds of financial tools. The yearly budget that pays salaries and keeps the lights on. Capital campaigns that allow us to take on bigger things like construction or new space. And the endowment fund. This endowment fund works with gifts that are designated beyond the day-to-day operation of our organization. Often the endowment fund is used to fund special mission-related work or specific areas of the focus, like a special initiative—something beyond the ordinary. The key is that each year, only a little of the endowment fund is used, so the remainder is left to grow. And over time, as gifts are made to it and the principal grows, the endowment fund becomes a substantial way for us to expand our mission in the world. For more details about how you can give above and-beyond to the endowment fund or specify the endowment fund in your will or estate plan, contact us at donate@exploreari.org or call 812-290-2966!

Endowment funds provide a reliable source of annual income for our research institution ensuring the continuation and success of our mission, supporting exhibitions, acquisitions, education and operations, and other programs and purposes.

Donors may give to an existing fund or establish a new one ($100,000), designating a specific purpose, program or initiative or the Archaeological Research Institute as the beneficiary.

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